Factory Outline

Established in 1971, Plastivar born as company specialized in production of items for furniture industries.
The main purpose is always to be the best in research, production, customer service, and marketing.
Over forty years of experience, specialized know-how and consolidated business culture permit Plastivar to develop a Company that produce ABS edges with requirement suitable to satisfy every kind of request using high technology plants.
Plastivar ABS edges have a high quality, thank to great choice of own suppliers.
Only raw material of first quality can take part to creation of Plastivar edges.
Plastivar ABS edges are made with first quality raw material.

Plastivar offers different thickness, wide range of colours, wood, design and surface having the main purpose to satisfy all the Customer’s guarantees:

  • A high constant quality level, according to technical and required features.
  • Reliability on delivery, respect for plans.
  • Flexibility in presence of high demand fluctuation.
  • A price-supply services ratio which optimize product value.

  • Supply plus points:
  • Collaboration with our technical staff.
  • Easy contact.
  • Easy combined tests.
  • Post-supply assistance.
  • Special supplies on customer’s request.
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