Characteristics of ABS edge


Plastivar ABS edges come from the non-stop processing on calander of abs thermoplastic techno polymer.
Polymer qualities are considerable: crash high resistance, good superficial hardness, good chemistry and thermo resistance on working make it as a “leading actor” in application and manufacturing.
The excellent ecological characteristics do its success.
ABS is chlorine free and recyclable.

Technical and Trade Features

Thickness - Width

Thickness: From 0.40 mm to 4.00 mm, for all types of product.
Width: From 16 mm. to 720 mm. (jumbo version).

Colors and Prints

Plastivar produces a wide range of colours, prints and designs according to codified and constantly checked processes. Quality standards and product conformity are guaranteed through the use of a specific equipments, adjusted under the law in force.
Plastivar can produce its items also from samples proposed by the Client.


Plastivar produces all different finishing for faced and laminated panels used in the furniture industry.


Edges are post-treated on the back with a tested prymer which allows perfect gluing.


Excellent on every beading machine or jobs centres, it’s easy to cut, trimming and truing.


The edge is treated with a special primer of anchorage for warrant a perfect adhesion to any kind of panel. The type of primer is adaptable to all glues normally used: hot melt, pva, pu, and ureic glues.


Product quality is assured by the use of suitable paper boxes of different sizes, according to the provided thickness and to the length of the coils.

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